YEPC COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar

On January 13th, YEPC hosted a free webinar about the COVID-19 vaccine. Healthcare professionals from Washington Hospital and UCLA covered the local rollout of immunization, potential side effects, and the science behind the vaccine.

Guest Speakers:
• Dr. Omai Garner, UCLA Associate Clinical Professor
• CDR Matthew Johns, Regional Health Administrator of US Department of Health and Human Services
• Lauren Baranco, Alameda County Department of Public Health
• Lisa Erickson, Alameda County Department of Public Health
• Dr. Dianne Martin, Washington Hospital Infectious Diseases Specialist
• Lina Huang, Washington Hospital Pharmacist

Thank you to everyone who attended our COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar! We would also like to extend a special thank you to all the guest speakers who made this event possible.

In case you were unable to attend live, you can watch the full recording of the webinar here:

We’ve also put together a summary of all the information discussed here:

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